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  1. Introduction

1a. Metrixconection ltd cares about the security of all our website guests.

1b. This policy relates to how we process information from our site guests and clients, and ultimately we decide how and why we will prepare that individual information.

1c. When you first visit this website we request that you agree to the use of Cookies as stated by the terms and conditions. By using this website, you agree that you are okay with the use of Cookies as stated by the terms.

1d. In this agreement, “we”, “us”, and “our” refers to Metrixconection ltd, with the contact email info@metrixconectionltd.co.uk

  1. Personal Information

2a. In this section we explain:

  • The common types of information that we may process
  • The sources of information that we may not get particularly from you
  • Some of the reasons why we may process your personal information
  • The legal sources of the preparing of the information

2b. We may manage some information about how you use our website, including your IP address, phone number, device, working framework, geographical location, visit duration, site routeways, planning data, recurrence visits, program types, etc. The source of this information is our investigation framework, call information frameworks and charging frameworks. The information we gather might be processed to better understand the use and improvement of our website, or more specifically charging for and improving our site.

2c. We may handle information provided by you in an inquiry regarding our products. This data will be processed for advertising, special offers, and improving our website. The legal reason for this processing is assent.

2d. We may handle information about exchanges and phone calls, including purchases of products through our website. This information may include your contact information, phone number, supplier, and the exchange subtleties. The aforementioned data may be processed to supply and charge for the purchased products and keeping the records for those transactions. The legal reason for this data handling is the execution of an agreement between you and us, at your demand, to move forward with such an agreement.

2e. We may handle information included in any correspondence messages you send to us. This information may include the contact substance and metadata related to the message. Our website will generate the metadata and this info might be processed for keeping the records and contacting you. The legal reason for this data processing is gaining advantage to our organization so we can provide the best possible service to our clients.

2f. We also may handle some individual data such as charge and credit cards, saving money and telephone numbers. The source of this data provided by you is to process business transactions. The legal reason for this handling is assent and the benefit of our company, specifically to charge and bill for transactions by phone administrations.

2g. Additionally, we may also handle your data comprehended in this arrangement for acquiring protection inclusion. The legal reason for this processing is the advantage of our company, or securing our business against dangers.

2i. Despite the specific reasons for which we may handle your personal data outlined in this agreement, we may also handle any of your own data for consistency with a legal or administrative commitment to which our company is subject, or to ensure you have benefits.

2j. Please do not supply any information of a close relative, except if we specifically instruct you to do so.

  1. Personal information sharing

3a. We may disclose your personal data to any person from our own company or our company organization (including holding organizations or other auxiliaries) considering that they are crucial to the company.

3b. We may reveal your personal data to our back up plans as well as some professional counsels that require that information to keep our company protected, oversee dangers, and acquire guidance, no matter whether it’s in a court proceeding or in a different technique.

3c. We may also disclose some personal data to our providers and subcontractors that is crucial for the work and transaction for phone calls.

3d. Transactions, phone calls and charges that are associated with our website are or might be handled by our payment communications. We will provide transactional information to our main administration suppliers, but only data that is crucial for preparing, discounts, and charging such installments.

3e. Despite the information laid out in the terms and agreement Segment 3, we may uncover your personal data where such disclosure is of vital importance to a legal or administrative consent, or to secure your advantages or the necessary interest of another close person. Additionally, we may uncover your personal data when it’s needed for the basis of a legal case, both in a court procedure and in other systems.

  1. International use of data

4a. Segment 4 of the Terms and Conditions agreement will cover conditions in which your own personal data might be traded to countries that are not in the EEA (European Monetary Region).

4b. The assisting offices for our website and all our communications are located in the UK .
The European Commission has made an “ampleness choice” that relates to data insurance laws of every single country. Trades to any one of these countries will be properly secured, specifically the use of standard information insurance statements related to the European Commission.

4c. You acknowledge that any personal data you submit for processing through our website might be accessed by the web, and we can’t keep the use or abuse of such information by others.

  1. Personal data storage

5a. This section will lay out any information strategies and systems that are designed to help ensure that we stick to legal commitments regarding the maintenance of personal data.

5b. Personal data that we process for any particular reason will not be kept after it loses importance.

5c. Your personal data will be kept for 2 years, but no longer than 6 years after the date of the acquisition or the date at which the data was used in relation to this agreement, whichever one is the earliest.

5d. Notwithstanding the alternate agreements of this section, we may also keep your personal data for keeping a consistent legal commitment to which we are subject or to ensure you have essential advantages.

  1. Changes

6a. We may update the Terms and Conditions at any moment or when we make changes to our website.

6b. Check this page periodically to make sure you agree with any of the changes made to the agreement.

6c. We may notify you about any changes we make to this agreement by email.

  1. Your rights

7a. If you need us to provide you with any personal information we keep about you, the arrangement will be subject to an expense and you’ll need to provide proof of yourself in the form of an official government-issued ID.

7b. We may keep the personal information that you ask for in accordance to the limits allowed by the law.

7c. You can opt-out at any time from receiving promotional offers.

  1. Cookies

In order for this website to function properly we store little data documents called cookies on your device – this is also implemented by most websites.

8a. What do Cookies do?

Cookies are small content records that a website saves to a device when you visit the site. It ensures that the site can collect all your activity and preferences (such as language, text size, log in details, etc.) over a limited period of time so your browser doesn’t need to keep loading them when you return to the site.

8b. How do we use Cookies?

In order to enhance your experience as a visitor on our website, we use Cookies. They are an industry standard at this point and most major websites use them. Cookies are little documents stored on your device to collect and learn your preferences. You can deny the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings on your browser. However, please remember that this way you may not get the best experience out of our website.

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